Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review: Inglot Eye Shadow

L to R: AMC Shine 30, Pearl 399, Matte 342, Pearl 445, AMC Shine 44

Oh my gosh I am in love with eye shadow. On my recent trip to Las Vegas I stopped by Inglot to create my very own pallet with the Freedom System. These are some of the best shadows I have ever used. The texture is super buttery and smooth so they glide on the eye effortlessly. The blend so seamlessly into one another and with very little fallout (the matte shade is the worst culprit)

L to R: AMC Shine 30, Pearl 399, Matte 342, Pearl 445, AMC Shine 44

 I love the pigmentation as well. All 5 shades I have are ones that I can wear every day, and I have worn them at all different times of the day and to different events. I do wish I had some more matte shadows, but the one I have is the perfect best friend shadow for me. It is my new favorite crease color and helps when I am trying to do some darker looks for the evening.

The only downside to the Freedom System is that once you put the pans in the pallet you can't see the name of the color. I kept the boxes and was later able to look them up online then I labeled my pallet on the back (shown below).

My go to look with these has been Pearl 399 on the lid, Matte 342 in the crease and for a night out I add Pearl 445 to the outer v. I also love AMC Shine 30 as a highlight. It is not too shiny, but catches the light perfectly. 

I can't wait to pick up more of these. I love the fact that with the Freedom System you can customer build pallets that suit your needs. I want to build a neutral one, a color one, maybe a matte one, and a blush pallet too.

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