Friday, March 16, 2012

Review: MakeUp Forever HD Foundation

So I was totally loving my Benefit Play Stick, but my skin was just getting super dry with the winter being so cold, so I went in search of another full coverage foundation to get me through the drier months.

My first thoughts of this foundation was how amazing the coverage really is. It covers most of the redness in my face effortlessly and blends in to my natural skin tone very well. There is not a lot needed to cover my face, only a pump and a half (the pump is my favorite packaging feature).

Throughout the day I noticed that my face stays well hydrated and is soft to the touch, when I happen to touch my face. The coverage also lasts throughout my work day even without a primer. I do use a setting spray over it though.

One downside I have noticed is that since this is an HD foundation it is meant to be great with pictures. I went on vacation recently and in the photos I looked very washed out and white. I was wearing blush and bronzer on top and it was still washing me out. I think maybe a darker shade might help with this.

All in all I love this foundation and it is my favorite for the winter time so far. I do want to keep trying other foundations in search of my holy grail foundation that is perfect for both seasons.

 I give this 4.5 out of 5 stars

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